Como – A Day In The Life

Known for it’s leafy reserves, riverside walking paths and vibrant cafe and restaurants strips, Como is without doubt one of Perth’s most desirable suburbs to call home. Located around 8 kilometres from Perth, the famed 6152 postcode comes with an array of lifestyle opportunities to suit everyone from students and young professionals through to families, downsizers and empty-nesters.

Future Paradiso owners will have the opportunity to step into this exclusive Como community, with opportunity to embed themselves within a relaxed, connected and lively area. But what exactly does the Como lifestyle look like? Why does it appeal to so many?

Let’s take a walk around and absorb a typical day in the life of a local Como resident on one of the best days of the week….Saturday!

6:31 am – Rise and shine

“Beep…beep…beep” sounds the morning alarm, which means it’s time to wake up in paradise in your new boutique Paradiso apartment. Opening up the curtains to reveal a stream of natural morning light peaking into your open plan apartment, you enjoy a stretch (and a yawn) whilst looking out over the Swan River. It’s time to embrace the weekend ahead!

6:42 am – Off to the gym

An early morning workout is a great way to start to the day, so it’s off to the on-site gym to get that heart rate up. Whether or not you’re after a run on a treadmill or something a bit more intense, Paradiso has the facilities to help you maintain your fitness goals without stepping out of the building. After working up a sweat, it’s off to the on-site pool (or spa) to take a well deserved dip to cool off and refresh.

8:01 am – Time for breakfast

After all that working out you’ve definitely built up an appetite (and a thirst for a coffee) so it’s time to step out into Como to find a spot for breakfast. You’re spoilt for choice with a range of cafes and restaurants all within walking distance depending on what you feel like. If you’re up for a riverside walk before your bacon and eggs, The Raffles Hotel is just a 15-minute walk away, or if you’re feeling particularly lazy, Cafeli’s is less than a minute walk from your front door.

However, today you’re feeling particularly sprightly so you decide to take a 20-minute riverside walk up to Little Matcha Girl, for a serving of their famous Japanese Brick Toast – a brioche filled with Hojicha hazelnut ice-cream, Nutella drizzle, caramelised hazelnuts and banana – now that’s a breakfast of champions!

Japanese Brick Toast at Little Matcha Cafe
Japanese Brick Toast: Source Little Matcha Cafe

9:33 am – Riverside stroll

After your decadent breakfast on the Preston Street cafe strip you grab another caffeine hit from Manic Espresso and head out on a stroll to the Como Jetty, just 300 metres away. Taking in the glory of the Swan River has now become a standard part of your life and the view never gets old. Maybe it’s time to invest in a bike to start exploring these riverside paths….

10:45 am – Comer Reserve

It’s a beautiful day and you’re not quite ready to head back home so you continue your riverside walk up to Comer Reserve, just 600 metres from the jetty. With local sporting games taking place, an active Croquet Club and an array of families, dogs and joggers all convening in this central park, it really is a great day to be out and about in Como.

Comer Reserve in Como
Comer Reserve: Source City of South Perth

11:22 am – Errands on the strip

You’ve got lunch planned for later with friends so it’s time to get a few things done before then. Heading back to the Preston Street strip, you get your shopping and errands done for the week. You consider heading off to Garden City, located just a 15-minute drive away, but you decide this weekend’s shopping list is pretty minimal so you opt to stay local. Thanks to the convenience of the Preston Street village, you can get your shopping, banking, post and groceries done all within the same spot, making it a truly convenient lifestyle all within a short distance from your front door. It’s a 20-minute walk home, or a 4-minute drive so you decide to Uber home with the groceries.

12:30 pm – Lunch at The Karalee 

Is there anything better than lunching with friends on a Saturday? Located just 1.7km from your front door is the ever-popular Karalee On Preston which provides relaxed dining and a vast menu of lunch and dinner options. With options on the menu like the Karalee Steak Sandwich, the Godfather burger and the Seafood Spaghetti Marinara, it’s pretty difficult to choose!

The Karalee On Preston
The Karalee On Preston

3:07 pm – Time for a massage

Lunch was delicious and you had a blast catching up with your friends, but all of this socialising has you feeling a little tired. What better way to relax than to book in for a massage at Cempaka Bali Day Spa where you book in for one of their signature treatments to embrace the weekend spirit. What’s even better is the day spa is literally across the road from the Karalee so you’re there in less than a minute.

5:18 pm – An afternoon snooze

Relaxing back at your boutique Paradiso apartment, you enjoy an afternoon snooze after your massage bliss. With the apartments designed for spacious living, premium fixtures and relaxing views, it’s not easy to doze off in your new master bedroom. This is living.

Paradiso Apartments, Como WA

6:45 pm – Off to a movie

Known as one of Como’s original gems is the Grand Cygnet Cinema, located just a 3-minute drive from your front door, screening a host of movies in a classic style cinema. It’s single-screen movie schedule is focused on past classics and a selection of new films and it’s cheaper than you’ll find in most cinemas, offering a great night out when you want a quiet one without leaving your home suburb.

8:33 pm – Pizza and a cheeky red 

No need to jump in the car after the move, so you head down the road and 2-minutes later you’ve arrived at tonight’s dinner reservation, Lago Di Como. Offering an extensive menu of authentic Italian cuisine, you enjoy a Lago Di Como pizza and glass of Merlot in a casual dining environment whilst reflecting on a magical day.

Como Pizza, Perth WA
Pizza in Como

10:01 pm – Counting sheep

In less than 5 minutes it’s home sweet home as you relax into your evening wear in your new boutique Paradiso apartment. Whilst the day has sounded like a busy Saturday of activity, the reality is, you’ve never ventured more than a few minutes drive from your front door, yet you’ve had a fun-filled day of leisure in the beating heart of Como – one of Perth’s most desirable postcodes to call home. It’s time to shut your eyes….count the sheep…and doze off in your luxurious King sized bed.

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