Paradiso February 2020 update

Paradiso February Update

Getting the building out of the ground is always the hardest part of the construction process. Pyramid have made great progress, even with 2 days of stormy weather, this basement structure will be complete by the middle of March.

Paradiso February 2020 update

The last basement columns have been poured, soakwells installed and ground levelled ready for concrete.


In Go The Slabs

With over 700m3 of concrete poured to date the basement slab was poured in two sections due to its size.

Paradiso February 2020 update

First basement slab and completed shotcrete walls.


Paradiso February 2020 update

Second basement slab is now poured.

Formwork For The Podium

Formwork has begun for the podium level. The formwork is a temporary structure used to support the concrete until it is dry. Once the engineer gives the ok, this formwork will be stripped away.

Paradiso February 2020 update

Left: Formwork begins on the podium level / Right: Front entry steps starting to take shape.

During the month of March, the steel, plumbing, electrical and concrete will be installed on this formwork. Now that the basement is complete, you will start to see the levels progress quickly.

Pyramid have programmed to complete the concrete for each level every 4 weeks from now on.

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