March Construction Update - Paradiso Apartments

Paradiso March Update

While many other industries have been brought to a standstill, or forced to reduce their level of operation, the Construction industry is still able to operate at a fairly standard capacity. Project builder Pyramid Constructions have acted responsibly to care for their teams and have implemented new safety practices to adhere to the guidelines provided to combat COVID-19.

Site signage has been installed and all teams and sub-contractors have been informed of the new site requirements and are being managed to ensure adherence. While this has required a revised approach to some practices, work has been able to continue in line with the Project timeline.

Concrete Slab Completion

Even with these unforeseen challenges, the Pyramid team have been successful in completing the concrete slab for Podium level of the building. The photos in the following report provide a visual timeline for the construction of the Podium slab. Photos commence with the construction of the formwork, moving to the installation of steel and services, through to the pouring of the concrete.

Below are some visual updates from the construction site.


Paradiso Apartments - March Construction Update


The Podium slab is called a transfer slab. This slab is responsible for transferring the weight of the entire building onto the basement columns below. Once the formwork was complete, 160 tonne of steel was installed.


March Construction Update - Paradiso Apartments


The Podium slab is 600mm thick. For context, an average house slab is 85mm thick.


March Construction Update - Paradiso Apartments


The concrete pour started at 7am with six trucks lined up ready to provide a seamless delivery.


March Construction Update - Paradiso Apartments


Ahead Of Schedule!

As you can see, the Project has not slowed – we are in fact slightly ahead of schedule. As activity progresses, the site continues to attract good attention from passerby traffic.


March Construction Update - Paradiso Apartments

With new promotional site mesh installed, we are sure to see the level of sales enquiry grow as the project itself grows.


March Construction Update - Paradiso Apartments


What’s Next?

Over the next four weeks the walls for the Podium level will be completed. Pyramid will then start the formwork for the next level. We also expect to see the formwork completed and services installed ready for the level one concrete pour.

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