The lock and leave lifestyle of Paradiso Apartments

The Advantages Of A Lock And Leave Lifestyle

Whilst the appeal of spacious backyards, manicured lawns, lush gardens and blossoming plants often strikes a humble note in the hearts of homeowners, the reality of today’s generations is that they prefer a lifestyle of less maintenance.

Property experts label it the lock and leave lifestyle, which applies to property owners who shift to an apartment to embrace a life of convenience and low maintenance.

With time still one of the most valuable resources on the planet (if not ‘the’ most important), it’s no surprise that the selling point of having more time to yourself deeply resonates with a range of property investors and buyers. Additional to this main selling point, what are the additional advantages of a lock and leave lifestyle?

Less Maintenance Means More Time For ‘You’

We all have a sense of ‘house pride’ when it comes to keeping our properties clean, maintained and squeaky clean, but it takes work. It is often said that a house is never finished, and this holds true for all property types, with homeowners required to stay on top of breakages, wear and tear, as well as general maintenance to keep things running.

Today’s generations are opting for apartments which provide central facilities, managed and coordinated by a strata body who handles all maintenance issues on behalf of the building complex itself. Whilst this forms part of the on-site fees to maintain all facilities, this saves a great deal of time for residents. Time that can be used for ‘you’ on doing the things that make you happy.


Low maintenance lock and leave living_Paradiso Apartments

An All-Encompassing Lifestyle

Apartment complexes of today are designed and built to provide an all-encompassing lifestyle, offering residents an ultimate sense of convenience and livability. Facilities like pools, spas, saunas and gyms are fast becoming an expectation in boutique apartments, with some also having tennis, rock climbing and even drone landing pads to really provide a variety of services. On site dining facilities also provide residents with the convenience of never having to leave the comfort of their apartment block in order to dine in style.

More Flexibility To Travel

One of the challenges of travel is always what to do with your property whilst you’re away. Who will water the plants? How will we maintain the lawns? What about home security? In a lock and leave lifestyle, these elements are taken care of for you, with your on-site facilities all managed by the strata group, with your neighbours also local to your property keeping a close eye on it whilst you’re away. Being able to literally step out of your door, lock up and leave for the airport, creates an appeal that resonates with everyone from first home buyers to downsizers, as we all love worry-free travel, and the lock and leave lifestyle encourages this.


Downsizers enjoying travel thanks to a lock and leave lifestyle

Better Quality Of Living

The facilities, amenities and finishes within boutique apartments often provide an advanced level of lifestyle opportunities to residents, compared to if they owned a stand-alone property (like a home, villa or town house). Whilst a lot of Australian households have a pool and BBQ, how many of them have a rooftop bar and dining area, with steam room, spa and gym also located in a central area that is open at all times? Apartments provide this kind of lifestyle right on your doorstep, leading to a better quality of life for residents.

Increased Security

One of the key benefits of a lock and leave lifestyle is the level of security available to residents on site. A majority of apartments are gated, with general public access limited, meaning your property is more protected from intruders and/or trespassers, whilst also being situated in close proximity to other properties. Getting to know your neighbours is easier in an apartment complex, and this can often work to your advantage if you intend on being away for a period of time, or if you just want an extra pair of eyes watching over your property whilst you’re out. Unique access materials like swipe cards, key fobs and metal keys can also help to ensure apartments are controlled with internal security measures, often leading to less burglaries and a more tight knit apartment community.

In Summary…

The advantages of a lock and leave lifestyle are suited to a wide range of property owners, from first home owners looking for a low maintenance apartment, through to downsizers looking to embrace a lifestyle of ease and convenience. With a noticeable trend shifting towards this style of living, it’s no wonder demand has picked up for the boutique apartments at Paradiso.

With a variety of facilities, amenities and advantages as listed above, it truly is an investment not to be missed. To enquire about the range of apartments, or to discuss availability, we welcome you to contact us today.

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